SafeAna by Sticker Control

Gives true real-time accuracy and transparency of the care of those entrusted to residential communities, in-home care providers, and day programs.

SafeAna ensures that the team members perform care duties on time, every time and provides safe and secure documented compliance with community policies, including:


  • Resident well-being checks


  • Hand-washing protocols


  • Delivery of medicines


  • Assistance with ADLs


  • Compliance with Electronic Visit Verification requirements

Real-time alerts allow management intervention before minor problems escalate

Exceptional consistent care delivery yields an immediate ROI:


  • Increase resident retention


  • Reduce exposure and resident / family complaints


  • Reduce time spent managing disruptions


  • Increased team engagement and satisfaction reduces turnover

The software system requires minimal hardware and minimal staff training

  • Users access the system via an app with a basic Android phone


  • Family app users see consistent high quality care standards for their loved ones

More advanced system features truly set your community apart

Detect incidents — falls and changes in behaviors or activity levels


Monitors location of residents

Increase team member satisfaction from their having the ability to show they are caring for their patients, reducing staff turnover

Analyze activities and actions — data models help you spot trends early

SafeAna is easy to adopt and straightforward to use


Care Duties — On Time. Every Time.

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