How does it work?

SafeAna gives true real-time accuracy and transparency of the care of those entrusted to residential communities, in-home care providers and day programs.  The system ensures that team members perform care duties on time, every time, providing safe and secure documented compliance with community policies. Including:


  • Resident well-being checks


  • Hand-washing protocols


  • Delivery of medicines


  • Assistance with ADLs
Is it hard to learn how to use? I don't have time or the resources to do a lot of training.

Our platform is designed to be easy to adopt and straightforward to use.  This makes it hard for us to build, but it translates into quick and easy adoption of the system.


Most of your team will work with our system using a basic Android smartphone and will be up and going within a week.

What can the system do for my facility?

SafeAna makes it easy for you and your team to manage the routine processes that are so important.  The system ensures that periodic resident checks are done on a timely basis, medicines are delivered on time, hand-washing protocols are followed, and more.


The system also helps you manage the manual tasks that are difficult to control — for example, monitoring compliance with hand hygiene practices and other safety protocols.


If there is a problem (for example, a resident check is not performed on time), designated supervisors will get a real-time notification to make sure that they can take immediate action – this prevents small problems from escalating.

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